Model Question Paper, Question Set - 8 (50 Questions), General Awareness
Q.1. Which of the following is in the Concurrent List of the Constitution?

A. Pilgrimages to places outside India
B. National Highway
C. Electricity
D. Relief of the disables and the unemployable

Answer: C
Q.2. The slogan “Inquilab Zindabad” was first raised by:

A. Lokmanya Tilak
B. Veer Savarkar
C. Chandra Shekhar Azad
D. Bhagat Singh

Answer: D
Q.3. Savanna grasslands are found in:

A. Australia
B. Africa
C. East Asia
D. South America

Answer: B
Q.4. The highest gravity dam of the world is the:

A. Rihand Dam
B. Koyna Dam
C. Bhakra Dam
D. Nagarjuna Dam

Answer: C
Q.5. Which Sikh Guru was executed by Aurangzeb?

A. Guru Arjan Dev
B. Guru Ram Das
C. Guru Teg Bahadur
D. Guru Gobind Singh

Answer: C
Q.6. Antibiotic penicillin is obtained from:

A. Bacteria
B. Fungus
C. Actinomycete
D. Algae

Answer: B
Q.7. Bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth is caused due to the deficiency of:

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D

Answer: C
Q.8. Which of the following compounds is commonly used as an antiseptic in mouth washes and toothpastes?

A. Borax
B. Salt Petre
C. Hydrogen Peroxide
D. Sodium Chloride

Answer: D
Q.9. The earth’s total surface area is approximately:

A. 160 million Sq Km
B. 240 million Sq Km
C. 320 million Sq Km
D. 509 million Sq Km

Answer: D
Q.10. Which of the following is used to remove rust stains on cloth?

A. Kerosene
B. Lime
C. Oxalic acid solution
D. Petrol

Answer: C
Q.11. Metals are good conductors because:

A. They contain free electrons
B. The molecules in them collide very freely close together
C. The molecules in them collide very freely
D. They contain reflecting surface

Answer: A
Q.12. Who is the first Indian to take a hat trick in an international test:

A. Kapil Dev
B. Jasu Patel
C. Harbhajan Singh
D. B.S. Chandrasekhar

Answer: C
Q.13. Which of the following is not a Central Government Tax?

A. Corporate Tax
B. Land Revenue
C. Customs Duty
D. Income Tax

Answer: B
Q.14. How many permanent members are there in Security Council?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Answer: C
Q.15. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected by the:

A. President
B. Prime Minister
C. Members of both Houses of Parliament
D. Member of the Loksabha

Answer: D
Q.16. Who is called the ‘Father of History?

A. Plutarch
B. Herodotus
C. Justin
D. Pliny

Answer: B
Q.17. The Vedas are known as:

A. Smriti
B. Sruti
C. Jnana
D. Siksha

Answer: B
Q.18. Who is the chief advisor to the Governor?

A. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
B. Chief Minister
C. Speaker of the Lok Sabha
D. President

Answer: B
Q.19. Bank Rate refers to the interest rate at which:

A. Commercial banks receive deposits from the public
B. Central bank gives loans to Commercial banks
C. Government loans are floated
D. Commercial banks grants loans to their customers

Answer: B
Q.20. All the goods which are scare and limited in supply are called:

A. Luxury Goods
B. Expensive Goods
C. Capital Goods
D. Economic Goods

Answer: D
Q.21. The theory of monopolistic competition was developed by:

A. E.H. Chamberlin
B. P.A.Samuelson
C. J.Robinson
D. A.Marshall

Answer: A
Q.22. Which of the following chemical is used in photography:

A. Aluminum hydroxide
B. Silver bromide
C. Potassium nitrate
D. Sodium chloride

Answer: B
Q.23. Gober gas (Biogas) mainly contains:

A. Methane
B. Ethane and butane
C. propane and butane
D. methane, ethane, propane and propylene

Answer: A
Q.24. Preparation of ‘Dalda or Vanaspati ghee from vegetable oil utilises the following process:

A. Hydrolysis
B. Oxidation
C. Hydrogenation
D. Ozonoloysis

Answer: B
Q.25. What is the full form of ‘AM regarding radio broadcasting?

A. Amplitude Movement
B. Anywhere Movement
C. Amplitude Matching
D. Amplitude Modulation

Answer: D
Q.26. Who is the author of Gandhis favourite Bhajan "Vaishnava jana to tene kahiye"?

A. Purandar Das
B. Shyamal Bhatt
C. Narsi Mehta
D. Sant Gyaneshwar

Answer: C
Q.27. What is the principal ore of aluminium?

A. Dolomite
B. Copper
C. Lignite
D. Bauxite

Answer: D
Q.28. The highest body which approves the Five-Year Plan in India is the:

A. Planning Commission
B. National Development Council
C. The Union Cabinet
D. Finance Ministry

Answer: C
Q.29. Purchasing Power Parity theory is related with:

A. Interest Rate
B. Bank Rate
C. Wage Rate
D. Exchange Rate

Answer: A
Q.30. The official agency responsible for estimating National Income in India is:

A. Indian Statistical Institute
B. Reserve Bank of India
C. Central Statistical Organization
D. National Council for Applied Economics and Research

Answer: D
Q.31. In the budget figures of the Government of India the difference between total expenditure and total receipt is called:

A. Fiscal Deficit
B. Budget Deficit
C. Revenue Deficit
D. Current Deficit

Answer: A
Q.32. Fascism believes in:

A. Peaceful change
B. Force
C. Tolerence
D. Basic Rights for the individual

Answer: D
Q.33. Which is the most essential function of an entrepreneur?

A. Supervision
B. Management
C. Marketing
D. Risk Bearing

Answer: A
Q.34. Knowledge, technical skill, education ‘etc. in economics, are regarded as:

A. Social-overhead capital
B. Human capital
C. Tangible physical capital
D. Working capital

Answer: B
Q.35. Nathu Laa, a place where India-China border trade has been resumed after 44 years, is located on the Indian border in:

A. Sikkim
B. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: C
Q.36. What was the original name of "Nurjahan"?

A. Jabunnisa
B. Fatima Begum
C. Mehrunnisa
D. Jahanara

Answer: C
Q.37. The age of tree can be determined more or less accurately by:

A. counting the number of branches
B. measuring the height ,of the tree
C. measuring the diameter of the trunk
D. counting the number of rings in the trunk

Answer: D
Q.38. The President of India is elected by

A. members of both Houses of the Parliament
B. members of both houses of Parliament of State Legislatures
C. members of both Houses of the State Legislative Assemblies
D. Elected members of both Houses of the Parliament and members of Legislative Assemblies

Answer: D
Q.39. Rotation of crops means:

A. growing of different crops in succession to maintain soil fertility
B. some crops are growing again and again
C. two or more crops are grown simultaneously to increase productivity
D. None of these

Answer: A
Q.40. In which State was the first non- Congress Government set up in Independent India:

A. Punjab
B. Bihar
C. Maharashtra
D. Kerala

Answer: D
Q.41. Cheap money means

A. Low rates of Interest
B. Low level of saving
C. Low level of Income
D. Low level of Standard of Living

Answer: A
Q.42. Who was the last Mughal Emperor to sit on the Peackok Throne?

A. Jahandar Shah
B. Bahadur Shah Zafar
C. Shah Alam I
D. Mohammad Shah

Answer: D
Q.43. Barabar Caves were used for Shelter by:

A. Tharus
B. Jainas
C. Tantrics
D. Ajivikas

Answer: D
Q.44. Who among the following was sent by Ashoka to Sri Lanka to preach Buddhism?

A. Pushyamitra
B. Kautilya
C. Mahendra
D. Banabhatta

Answer: C
Q.45. Which Greek ruler was defeated by Chadragupta Maurya?

A. Darius
B. Alexander
C. Megasthnese
D. Seleucus

Answer: D
Q.46. Which of the following Englishmen was honoured by Jahangir with the title of ‘Khan’?

A. Edward Terry
B. Hawkins
C. Sir Thomas Roe
D. Thomas Paine

Answer: B
Q.47. Which of the following Muslim rulers remained in the captivity of his son?

A. Akbar
B. Aurangzeb
C. Iltutmish
D. Shahjahan

Answer: D
Q.48. Which of the following is considered as a non-conventional source of energy?

A. Coal
B. Hydroelectricity
C. Natural Gas
D. Wind Power

Answer: D
Q.49. The prestigious Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2006 was recently conferred upon:

A. Prof. Wangari Maathai
B. Mr. Kevin Rudd
C. Mr. Ratan Tata
D. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas

Answer: A
Q.50. Who amongst the following was made the Chairman/Chairperson of the National Land Reforms Commission ?

A. Somnath Chatterjee
B. Murli Deora
C. Manmohan Singh
D. Smt. Sonia Gandhi

Answer: C


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