CDS, Previous Year Solved Questions Set, General Knowledge Part - 5
Q.1. Stalactites and stalagmites are features of: (CDS 2016)

A. glacial topography
B. volcanic topography
C. karst topography
D. fluvial topography

Answer: C
Q.2. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the given planets in increasing order of their size (diameter)? (CDS 2016)

A. Mars – Venus – Earth – Mercury – Uranus
B. Mercury – Mars – Venus – Earth – Uranus
C. Mercury – Mars – Venus – Uranus – Earth
D. Venus – Mercury – Mars – Earth – Uranus

Answer: B
Q.3. Which one of the following islands is of volcanic origin? (CDS 2016)

A. Reunion Islands
B. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
C. Lakshadweep Islands
D. Maldives

Answer: A
Q.4. Which one of the following is the reason due to which the wind in Southern Hemisphere is deflected towards its left? (CDS 2016)

A. Difference in the water masses of northern and southern hemisphere
B. Temperature and pressure variations
C. Inclined axis of the Earth
D. Rotation of the Earth

Answer: D
Q.5. The ‘eye’ of the cyclone has: (CDS 2016)

A. abnormally high temperature and lowest pressure
B. abnormally low temperature and pressure
C. clear sky and lowest temperature
D. dense cloud cover and low pressure

Answer: A
Q.6. Who among the following archeologists was the first to identify similarities between a Pre-Harappan culture and the mature Harappan culture? (CDS 2016)

A. Amalananda Ghosh
B. Rakhaldas Benerji
C. Daya Ram Sahni
D. Sir John Marshall

Answer: A
Q.7. Which one of the following is the common element between the Kailashnatha Temple at Ellora and the Shore Temple at Mammallapuram? (CDS 2016)

A. Both are the example of Nagara architecture
B. Both are carved out from solid rocks
C. Both are Gupta period temples
D. Both were built under the patronage of Pallava Kings

Answer: B
Q.8. The Indian Research Station Himadri is located at: (CDS 2012)

A. Siachen
B. Darjeeling
C. Arctic Region
D. Antarctica

Answer: C
Q.9. Which of the following divides India into Northern and Southern parts? (CDS 2008)

A. Equator
B. Tropic of Cancer
C. Tropic of Capricorn
D. Arctic Circle

Answer: B
Q.10. For which one of the following is Sualkuchi famous? (CDS 2008)

A. Bird Sanctuary
B. Temple city
C. Silk centre
D. Hill station

Answer: C


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