SSC Exams, Previous Year Solved Question Set, General Knowledge Part - 1
Q.1. Which one of the following States in India has broadest continental shelf? (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Gujarat
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: D
Q.2. The Kulu Valley is situated between: (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Ladakh and Pirpanjal
B. Ranjoti and Nag Tibba
C. Lesser Himalayas and Siwalik
D. Dhauladar and Pirpanjal

Answer: D
Q.3. The arrangement of planets with smallest on either ends and big planet in the middle, supports which one of the following theories of origin of the solar system? (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Big Bang theory
B. Tidal hypothesis
C. Binary Star theory
D. Cepheid theory

Answer: B
Q.4. The epoch that we currently live in is called the: (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Holocene
B. Pleistocene
C. Pliocene
D. Miocene

Answer: A
Q.5. Tertiary period had five epochs. Select the correct order in which these epochs appeared in the geological time scale from ancient to more recent times: (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Palaeocene — Oligocene — Miocene — Eocene Pliocene
B. Palaceocene — Palaeocene — Miocene — Eocene—Pliocene
C. Oligocene — Palaeocene — Miocene — Eocene — pliocene
D. Palaeocene — Eocene — Oligocene — Miocene — Pliocene

Answer: D
Q.6. Which one of the following rivers does not originate in India? (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Beas
B. Chenab
C. Ravi
D. Sutlej

Answer: D
Q.7. Oil is found in petroliferous rock. Which one among the following structures demonstrates an ideal trap? (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Horizontal structure
B. Fault structure
C. Synclinal structure
D. Anticlinal structure

Answer: D
Q.8. Composite volcanic cone is also called strata cone because of the: (SSC CGL 2016)

A. alternating sheets of lava and pyroclastic materials
B. uneven streams of lava flow
C. cataclysmic eruption
D. eruption of lava flow from a fissure

Answer: A
Q.9. The cup-shaped mouth of the volcano is: (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Crator
B. Cinder Cone
C. Focus
D. Epicenter

Answer: A
Q.10. Creators or calderas are: (SSC CGL 2016)

A. Rift valley
B. Hollows created by removed of volcanic cones
C. Sink holes
D. Pot holes

Answer: B


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