NDA, Previous Year Solved Question Set, General Knowledge Part - 3
Q.1. On the basis of the process of their formation, which of the following soils is formed differently from the other three? (NDA 2003)

A. Khadar
B. Bhangar
C. Bhabar
D. Regur

Answer: D
Q.2. The western coast of India receive very high rainfall in summer mainly due to: (NDA 2011)

A. Tropical location
B. Nearness to sea
C. Western Ghats
D. Himalayas

Answer: C
Q.3. Winter rains in North and North-West India are generally associated with the phenomenon of: (NDA 2003)

A. retreating monsoon
B. temperate cyclones
C. local thunderstorms
D. shift in jet stream movements

Answer: B
Q.4. Which of the following cities never experience vertical rays of the sun during noon? (NDA 2002)

A. Chennai
B. Mangalore
C. Mumbai
D. New Delhi

Answer: D
Q.5. Most of India rainfall is: (NDA 1993)

A. Cyclonic
B. Convectional
C. Elusive
D. Orographic

Answer: A
Q.6. Among the following, which State has highest level of Literacy? (NDA 2001)

A. Mizoram
B. West Bengal
C. Gujarat
D. Punjab

Answer: A
Q.7. Which one of the following states receives the highest rainfall during winter months? (NDA 1994)

A. Punjab
B. Kerala
C. Meghalaya
D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: D
Q.8. Which one of the following types of forest covers the maximum area in India? (NDA 2001)

A. Tropical rain forest
B. Tropical moist deciduous forest
C. Tropical dry deciduous forest
D. Tropical dry evergreen forest

Answer: B
Q.9. Which one of the following Indian States is the largest producer of natural rubber? (NDA 2004)

A. Tamil Nadu
B. Assam
C. Kerala
D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: B
Q.10. Which one of the following statements correctly defines the term transhumance? (NDA 1991)

A. Economy that solely depends upon animals
B. Farming in which only one crop is cultivated by clearing hill slopes
C. Practice of growing crops on higher hill slopes in summer and foothills in winter
D. Seasonal migration of people with their animals up and down the mountains

Answer: D


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