General Awareness Solved Model Paper, IAS GK Question Set - 4, General Awareness
Q.1. Which of the following is earliest of four Vedas?

A. Atherva Veda
B. Yajur Veda
C. Sama Veda
D. Rig Veda

Answer: D
Q.2. What is the correct chronological order of Gandhian Movement: 1. Rowlett Act 2. Khera Movement 3. Champaran Movement 4. Ahmedabad Mill Strike

A. 2,3,4,1
B. 3,2,4,1
C. 3,4,2,1
D. 2,3,1,4

Answer: C
Q.3. The largest urban center in ancient India had been:

A. Kannauj
B. Pataliputra
C. Kaushambi
D. Taxila

Answer: B
Q.4. Which of the following was not one of the reasons for the gradual decline of Jainism?

A. The extremism of its ethical code and regigious discipline
B. The influence and popularity of Shaive and Vaishnava saints in the South
C. The destruction of their temples by the foreign invaders and others
D. The assimilative power of Hinuism

Answer: C
Q.5. Which among the following was the capital of Shivaji?

A. Poona
B. Panhala
C. Raigarh
D. Singhagarh

Answer: C
Q.6. The Vijayanagar and Bahamani Kingdoms fought relentlessly throughout the period of their existence for the possession of:

A. Goa, Dabhol, and Chaul
B. Raichur Doab
C. Telengana
D. Goa

Answer: B
Q.7. Who had strongly advocated the policy of abolishing princely states in free India?

A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Jawaharlal Nehru
C. C Rajagopalachari
D. Vallabhbai Patel

Answer: B
Q.8. The rate of exchange of Indian Rupee is linked with:

A. Dollar
B. Sterling Pound
C. A basket of foreign currencies
D. Yen

Answer: C
Q.9. Which country is called The Land Of Rising Sun:

A. Korea
B. Finland
C. Japan
D. Norway

Answer: C
Q.10. Which country is called The Land of Midnight Sun:

A. Korea
B. Finland
C. Japan
D. Norway

Answer: D
Q.11. Which country is called The Land Of Thousands Lake?

A. Korea
B. Finland
C. Japan
D. Norway

Answer: B
Q.12. Which country is called The Land of Thunderbolt?

A. Korea
B. Finland
C. Japan
D. Bhutan

Answer: D
Q.13. Neutron was discovered by:

A. Ouo Hahn
B. Enrico Fermi
C. Lise Meitner
D. James Chadwick

Answer: D
Q.14. The Indian Air Force has MIG planes. Which of the following is the advanced one:

A. MIG 25
B. MIG 27
C. MIG 29
D. MIG 35

Answer: D
Q.15. Amniocentesis is a method for:

A. Determination of foetel sex
B. Separation of amino acids
C. Determination of the sequence of amino acids in a protein
D. Inducing abortion

Answer: A
Q.16. Indian Standard Time (IST) is determined according to the local time of which one of the following longitudes?

A. 82.5 degree east longitude
B. 0 degree longitude or Greenwhich meridian
C. 180 degree east or west longitude
D. 70 Degree east longitude

Answer: A
Q.17. The type of crop which is able to fix nitrogen from air is known as:

A. Tuber
B. Coffee
C. Legume
D. Wheat

Answer: C
Q.18. Corals is/are:

A. A particular type of shell found near some of sea coasts
B. A special variety of fish which live in shells
C. The tiny animals that live in shells in the sea
D. The remains of tiny sea animals resembling shells

Answer: C
Q.19. The allocation of seats for each State in the present Lok Sabha is based on the:

A. 1951 census
B. 1961 census
C. 1971 census
D. 2001 census

Answer: D
Q.20. Which of the following canals for irrigation was the first to be completed during British Rule?

A. Agra canal
B. Lower Chenab canal
C. Lower Ganges canal
D. Sirhind canal

Answer: A
Q.21. Rajaraya I and Rajendra I commemorated their victories by which one of the following methods?

A. Erecting temples
B. Erecting pillars
C. Ordering inscriptions to be written
D. Issuing coins

Answer: A
Q.22. Out of four sources of Islamic Laws the three are Quran, Hadis, and Izma. The fourth one is:

A. Kayas
B. Khams
C. Kharaj
D. Aayats

Answer: A
Q.23. When did Atis go to Tibet?

A. In 1050 A.D.
B. In 1038 A.D.
C. In 940 A.D.
D. In 1135 A.D.

Answer: B
Q.24. Which was the real cause for the split between the northern Jains and southern Jain?

A. Idol worship
B. Interpretation of Jain philosophy
C. Whether to wear clothes or move without it
D. Compilation of teachings of Mahavira

Answer: C
Q.25. Which one of the following metals made its earliest appearance in India before any other place in the world?

A. Copper
B. Gold
C. Tin
D. Silver

Answer: D


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