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Posted Date: 15 Jun 2014
(This article is taken from The Week, April, 2014 edition. In the interest of the Indian public, it is being submitted here to keep the issue known to wider public.)

We want to read the Henderson Brooks report on the war in which the Chinese made us eat hte humble Himalayan snow. The Manmohan Singh Government won't give us a copy. Neville Maxwell, an Australian journalist who claims to have got a copy, is willig to show us part of it. The government has blocked his web sites.

We fought the war with the Chinese 52 years ago; the government says there are operational issues in the report which cannot be revealed. If our Army has not sorted out the operational issues it confronted half a century ago, then God help us, the devel take us, or the Chinese invade us.

Everyone in the BJP, and his elder Bhaiya in the RSS, think that the report contains 'dirty stuff' about Nehru. And that the government controlled by Sonia and Rahul does not want us to read it.

Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley are asking for the report. They are forgetting that Vajpayee and his defence minister George Fernandes, who had a visceral hatred for the Nehru-Gandhis, had also refused to make it public.

Official accounts of all of our four wars have been written. But only the history of the 1947-48 war has been 'officially' published, though the government's own rules say that records older than 30 years be shown to the public.

After the 1999 Kargil war, the K.Subrahmanyam Committee said old war records be oepned up for new-gen commanders to learn from past mistakes.

What did the government do? It allowed the 1965 records to be published as non-official. And leaked the 1962 and 1971 reports to web sites.

Posted Date: 14 Jun 2014
Group C:
Colombia Vs Greece
June, 14th

Group D:
England Vs Italy
June, 15

Group D:
Uruguay Vs Costa Rica
June, 15

Group C:
Ivory Coast Vs Japan
June, 15

Posted Date: 14 Jun 2014
Shocking news came out.

Preity Zinta, co-owner of King XI Punjab cricket team and known bollywood actress filed the molestation case against her former boyfreind Ness Wadia.

She alleged that he molested, abused and threatend her inside Wankhede Stadium on 30th May'14 when the match match between King XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings was played.

Posted Date: 14 Jun 2014
Giving surprize to everyone, Netherlands Beats Spain 5-1.

Spain lost the opening game in last Football World Cup and despite that Spain won the Football World Cup four years ago.

Posted Date: 14 Jun 2014
In the World Cup Football 2014 tournament Chile beats Australia 3-1. For Chile, Sanchez, Valdivia, Beausejour score while Cahill nets in for Australia.

Posted Date: 13 Jun 2014
Brazil Beats Croatia 3-1 in World Cup Opener.

Posted Date: 12 Jun 2014
The first flight of new launched AirAsia India launched its operation from Bangalore to Goa and Chennai.

AirAsia is the seventh Domestic Airlines in India. AirAsia is the joint venture of Tata Sons with Malaysian low cost carrier.

Posted Date: 13 Jun 2014
On the opening ceremony of World Cup Football at Sao Paulo's Corinthians Arena, a cast of 660 dancers paid tribute to the counry's nature, people and football.

The final act saw the a performance of of official World Cup Song "We are One" by Jennifer Lopez and rapper Pitbull.

Posted Date: 12 Jun 2014
Mexico Vs Cameroon 9.30PM

Spain Vs Netherlands 12.30AM

Chile Vs Australia 3.30AM

Posted Date: 12 Jun 2014
Gaurav Agrawal, a BTech and IIM Lucknow Alumunus, this year made the news. He has topped the Civial Sevices Examination 2013.

He gets the credit of becoming First man in last four years who scored top in this examination.

Munish Sharma, a BSc in Bio Chemistry from Sri Venkateswara College and Bharti Dixit, an MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College - bagged the scond rank and fifth rank respectively.

Bharti Dixit is the top woman candidate in this exam.

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